Kickboxing belts-A dream come true

Kickboxing belts-All you need to know about 

Kickboxing belts

As the name itself ,"kick" and "boxing". A type of martial art composed both kick as well as boxing.
Though like other sports ,with your progressive achievement some things is rewarded to your for various benefits,likewise the reward in case of this game,is " kickboxing belts"

Kickboxing belts

Kickboxing belts-A reward to your hardowork

There are almost 6 belts ,being awarded to the individual player ,with process and skill.

1. Yellow belt belt belt belt 
5.brown belt belt 

All these specific are like the locked levels in your videogames,you have to unlock them with gaining skills ,knowledge and power.
 Moreover, the belts are arranged in lower to higher difficulty levels to unlocks, i.e. the yellow belt  is much easier to achieve as compared to thats of the black belt.

Lets begin our fight.....

Kickboxing belts

Details about each of your achievements

1.yellow belt

Kickboxing belts

Before this belt,you earn a white belt(I have not mentioned it here,white health is for preliminary level).
Here the yellow belt ,also the beginners belt,your have to master this to ear it:

a. How to guard when your opponent attack and block him.
b.basisc about boxing|jab|cross
c.How to implement front kick and back kick.

2.Red belt

Kickboxing belts

a.Under this level you have to master your uppercut and hook punch. will learn ,how to perform low kick a d high kick.
c.block your opponent attack and  initiate a lower kick.

3.Green belt

Kickboxing belts

a.back fist will your focus in this level.
b. Defensive blocks and counter attack your opponent.
c.kick boxing|side kick

4.Blue belt

Kickboxing belts

a.sweeps,you may not be familiar with this move in your early level,you will learn it under this level.
b.kickboxing|double sidekick
c.kickboxing|axe kick or back. belt

Kickboxing belts
a.kickboxing|hook kick or spin
b.sidekick or jumping 
c.full technique knowledge. belt

Kickboxing belts

a.The end of your training and the most difficult level. have to recall each and evert moves and knowledge you have earned or gained in your prior levels.
c.trainings tips and methodologies to counter your opponent and win a match,you will learn in this level 

Reason -why belts are introduced in this game over grades

From the ancient origin of this game ,its was probably used to defend ,but as  time goes , it game into play ,the motivate of the game became ,either you have to  defeat your opponent or got defeated by your opponent(there is no place of anger in this game).
In this place it got hard to the trainers to train their trainee in boxing clubs ,on the basis of grades ,and  the concept of the belts around each players biceps reveal their original achievement at a glance and  can also be their reward in the same run.
With belt concepts each players can be assigned an equal rival while practising.
Even the craze for achieving belts of higher level can eventually increase the self confidence and hardworking capacity as that of compared with grades.

Steps to earn those kickboxing belts

Based on your goal about learning this for,you will do your progress .
Lets say for fitness purposes ,mostly you will reach the 3rd level and end up.But if your are real enthusiast  while a much bigger goal your will surely do it and reach the end(the black belt)over time by these following steps:

1. Wake up and start- Just donot think you will do it tomorrow ,many such tomorrow will come and go ,until and less you do your effort to take your lazy body to a kickboxing club ,you are not gonna make it.

2. Maintain your consistency-Just  joining a club is not that all you need to do,the second step here comes about you have to be consistent in your work ,both for progress and reward.Always,remember everyone have to start from zero ,so do you ,and the starting is alwys hard and being consistent is even more.

3.Give time and duration-Its not just because you have zero progress you dont wanna waste time,trust me,good things do take lots of time became visible.It works not only in the field of kickboxing but also to each and everyfield.

4.Follow your trainer-Your trainer is your teacher,try to follow each and every steps ,he or she teach you.Alwys try to gain bonus tips from your trainer,and do accept if you are doing wrong moves.

5.self motivation - whenever you think you are done ,you cant do anyone ,just chill ,leave that day listen some motivational songs or read some motivational quotes(you will probably find them in youtube or google)and start the same journey ,the next day .

Follow these 5 steps on a regular basis ,and at last you will the one to achieve the black belt in your hand.

Kickboxing belts

Know about the belt you earn

You might be curious to know about your hard earned belt texture.Well,let me know you ,the belt you will earn will depend on the institute or the club you took training ,most institute will give you a broad uniforms colour belts(colour depends on what skill do you earn)with kimono.These belts are quite durable and long to wrap around your waist and are wasable.whereas the overall length of your belt cannot be predicted as it mostly depends on the size of the individual.
At the end of your training the belt you earned will your original identity in kickboxing,wherever you take part in matches after your training most probably you have to show your belt.
      Taking addmission from one club or institute to other one  may even can cause your lover your earlier achieved level or even you will have to show  your skill in front of the judges and fight with an equivalent player.
Kickboxing belts

Conclusion:kickboxing belts

In short,like a driving licence gives you the authority to drive a vehicle ,likewise the belt gives your the authority to  take parts in your kickboxing sports.
In bonus ,it can be help in case of fitness as well as self defence.

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