Common side effects of vitamin B overdose

Vitamin B overdose-side effects

The vitamin B consumption is very common. When people are unable to fulfill their requirement of vitamin B through their natural source of diet,they are probably prescribed by a doctor to take vitamin B complex.
Moreover ,Vitamin B function and is essential  metabolism of your cells. To maintain proper body functioning ,this Vitamin is broken down in your body through digestion and it is a water soluble vitamin.

vitamin B overdose

In case of cell metabolism ,8 water soluble vitamin have very crucial role and these 8 vitamins together forms the Vitamin B complex.Many supplements are available in the market and those supplement which contains all these 8 water soluble vitamins  are termed as Vitamin B complex.

Vitamin B complex-8 water soluble B vitamin:

  1. Thiamine/ Vitamin B1
  2. Riboflavin/Vitamin B2
  3. Niacin/Vitamin B3
  4. Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B5
  5. Pyridoxine/Vitamin B6
  6. Biotin/Vitamin B7
  7. Folic acid/Vitamin B9
  8. Vitamin B12
To maintain proper body functioning  and other benefits related to health a recommended amount of Vitamin B is needed, whereas excessive intake of this vitamin can lead to overdose and  B vitamin Overdose  can result  from  mild to serious health issues ,depending on the intensity and time period of the Vitamin consumption, the signs or the side effects may differ.
vitamin B overdose
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Few commonly observed Vitamin B overdose symptom are:

Gastrointestinal issues

vitamin B overdose

Problems related to Gastrointestine are among the commonly observed side-effects of Vitamin B overdose.When consumption of B vitamin dose gets high , the suffering symptoms  of people can be nausea,indigestion,mild diarrhea.Aged person or common people with pervious history associated with gastrointentinal problems are more likely to adhere with intense cramps(stomach) and diarrhea ,after consuming high Vitamin B doses.

Mood swings
vitamin B overdose

Impacts on mental health can also be the reason of Vitamin B overdose.Other than physical  side-effects,  some  ill-effects related to mental health can be-depression,mood swings,restlessness or panic attacks.Even high dose of Vitamin complex can even have worst effects on people suffering from confusion,mental foggines, or paranoia.


vitamin B overdose

With the overdose of Vitamin B ,the worst effect of insomnia can get triggered.When the dose of B Vitamin consumption crosses the recommended limit ,it can have effects on your normal sleep cycle.High level of B complex Vitamin or for more specific ,lets say Vitamin B12 in blood stream can perform the function of an energy booster.Eventually ,effecting sleeping pattern of your normal life and cause you insomnia.

Rashness of skin
vitamin B overdose

Skin rash is also among the most commonly observed side-effects of Vitamin B overdose.Your skin may appear to be flushed,and lession may appear on your overall skin giving you a itchy sensation on your overall body skin.This skin rash directly depends on the amount of Vitamin B overdose .

Numbness/Tingling sensation

vitamin B overdose

Numbness in often said to be the early warning  sign of your Vitamin B overdose by specialist. From the observed study,numbness is mostly experienced in the body of your right side.These symptoms of tingling sensation or numbness appears if the B vitamin complex overdose continues for long period of time.

Hypertension or Hypotension

vitamin B overdose

Rise in the level of thiamine(also known as Vitamin B1) than the normal level in the body,leads to high blood pressure or hypertension.Alternatively,Rise in level of Riboflavin(also known as Vitamin B2)than the normal body level ,leads to low blood pressure or hypotension.Either signs can hamper the cardiavascular system normal functioning over long term due to high doses of Vitamin Complex.

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