10 highest vitamin C foods in the world

Top 10 highest vitamin C foods-in the world

highest vitamin C foods

Highest vitamin C foods in the world are genuinely the quaries of a vast polution of the world ,knowingly the benefits of Vitamin C as a micro nutrients to an individual human body .
Foods with vitamin C are mainly found in the veggies and fruits avilable in our surroundings.The amount of Vitamin C contains in them just vary from fruits to fruits and vegetable to vegetable.So let's talk about the so called highest vitamin C food avilable in today's market.

Top 10 highest vitamin C food list:

Food 1#

highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  92.7 mg 
 Vitamin C per cup 167 mg 
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  152 mg

* The size of a small green kiwi can greatly betray your though about ,how much vitamin C can it store,isn't it?

*Associated micros are pottassium and fibres with much lesser calories.

*Kiwi can be a great ingrediants for your salad or other meals as well.

Food 2#


highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g   88mg
 Vitamin C per cup 81 mg
 Vitamin C per 100 calories 

Alternatives:cauliflower, cabbage

*Precaution : the cooked formed of broccoli may have the vitamin C content depending on the method involved in cooking it.

*It is recommended to reduce the time involved in cooking .

*Companion nutrients with vitamin C are calcium,potassium,fiber,Vitamin A,Vitamin k and others antioxidant.

Food 3#


highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  58.8 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 98 mg
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  184 mg

Alternatives : blueberries,blackberries

*Strawberry, a juicy fruit with a sweet taste.

*You will get folate,pottasium,magnesium and fibres in addition with vitamin C.

*Oatmeal +yogurt+ stawberry is not a good chooice though ...you might try once .

Food 4#

Red peppers

highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  242.5 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  

*With the serving of a high quality vitamin c , red pepper with also give you Vitamin A and several other B- complex vitamins.

*It can be used in salad or as an ingredient of any non dairy dishes for an outstanding taste and nutrients .

Food 5#

highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  18 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 21 mg
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  49.5 mg


*Kale the most common greeny vegetable and is the member of the cabbage family.

*Other assosiated nutrients related with kale are vitamin A ,vitamin K, vitamin B6,calcium ,magnesium,potassium

*Kale is also the most nutrient dense food know today.

Food 6#


highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  53.2 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 96 mg
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  113 mg

Alternatives: grapefruit,lemon

*Orange juice can be your without effort liquid source of vitamin C

*An orange can also benefit with other micros such as potassium,folate,lutein and vitamin A.

*If your prefer to take the fibre present in it you must avoid the juice and go for an orange ,as the fibre get lost if you drink the juice.

Food 7#

Brussel sprouts

 Vitamin C per 100 g  85 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  

*Precaution : overcooking can reduce the nutrient content of this food.
  So, go a light stream or lesser cooking time

*Antioxidant,fiber,minerals are the other assosiated micro nutrients.

* Raw sliced sprouts in  salad can give you more nutrients than having it as a side dish.

Food 8#

highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  228 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 377 mg
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  335.5 mg

*Other remarkable nutrients present in guava are fiber, antioxidant and potassium.

*Guava is also good for treating the health of your heart as well.

Food 9#


highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  61 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 88 mg
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  141.5 mg


*Antioxidant and papain are basically found in the papaya other than vitamin C.Carbs ,fiber, Vitamin A is also observed .

*Like guava ,papaya is also very good for your heart health and is also associated with anti cancer properties .

Food 10#


highest vitamin C foods

 Vitamin C per 100 g  23 mg
 Vitamin C per cup 55 mg
 Vitamin C per 100 calories  126.5 mg

*Tomato juice is weird but is a most beneficial way to intake vitamin C and quitely used by most of the dieticians and beautician too.

* It is also loaded with lycopene,vitamin A and antioxidant.

*Try to use tomato products  like kechups which can also help you increase your vitamin C intake .

Other foods with vitamin C

#1 Lemons
#2 Mustard
#3 sweet peppers
#4 lychees
#5 thyme
#6 kohlrabi
#7 carambola
#8 saffron
#9 snow peas

Comparison of food according to its vitamin C content per 100 g

Red pepper wins the first position of the highest vitamin c food list with  242.5 mg

*Guava acquire the 2nd position of the list with 228 mg

*Kiwi comes in the 3rd position with 92.7 mg vitamin C contains.

What are Vitamin C foods?

Vitamin C  foods are those foods (fruits or vegetables) which are very rich in ascorbic acid(vitamin c,a micro nutrient) and is commonly known as powerhouse of boasting your immunity.

What are the function of vitamin C?

#1 It acts as an antioxidant
#2 it helps the body to produce collagen

Collagen:protein which maintains bone health ,helps repair wounds, etc.

#3 it improves the body immune system to fight against diseases.
#4  helps in the absorption process of food rich in iron.

How to manage your diet with vitamin C food?

#1 breakfast- If your taking  masala oats in your breakfast, try adding a whole tomato in your oats recipe which will give a high increase in your micro nutrients as well,or if you are going for a oats and yogurt try adding some strawberries ,which will increase the taste as well as nutrients of your very first diet.

#lunch -If your are going to have rice in your lunch ,lemon can be a your good source of vitamin C ,moreover mixed salad with spinach and tomatoes can be your companion too.Or if your have  some broccoli ,your diet is already good.

#snacks-For your snack part ,go for a whole guava or ripened guava.

#dinner-best option is your mixed salad ,which not only provies vitamin C but also give you all the other micro nutrients and fibres as well.

* If you are in a very busy schedule v& it's hard for you maintain your diet,go for a handful of strawberries or a whole guava or add vitamin C supplements (see the dosage with the manufacturer or cantact a dietician).

Disclaimer-This article is only for information and education purposes. Healthycroc doesn't provide any medical advice and would request to contact a doctor or dietician for details information .

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