10+ soya milk benefits and few cons

10+ soya milk benefits

soya milk benefits

Soya milk:

 Soya milk is a plant-based drink prepared by soaking and grinding soy beans. It is rich in compounds like phyto estrogen, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids as well as nutrients such as magnesium, vitamins D and B that help in curing many serious health issues.

Its a great alternative to those who are lactose intolarent or cant consume dairy product or milk product.  Here, we share with you some of the health benefits that this soya milk has:

soya milk benefits

# 1:

Reduces cholesterol level of the body

=>1. cholesterol are of 2 types: good cholesterol &bad cholesterol.Good cholesterol are beneficial for us whereas bad cholesterol is harmful for us.Regular consumption of soya milk can reduce the level of bad cholesterol (fat like substance) in the body

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like,waxy substance needed for producing hormones and are found in most cells of our body.Your body needs cholesterol and it make it on its own.

2. High fibre content in this soya milk plays a major role in reducing the level of this harmful substances

# 2:

Helps in weight loss

=>1.soya milk contains less sugar (6 grams per serving) compared to regular milk (11 grams per serving)

2. It is loaded with fibre

3.fibre keeps your stomach full for a longer period of time

4.this helps in losing weight

# 3:

Strengthens blood vessels

=>1.Soya milk is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acid, which helps in strengthening the linning of your blood vessels

# 4:

Prevents osteoporosis

1.Osteoporosis is a condition in which the density of the bone decreases

‘Osteoporosis’ mean ’ porous bone’

2.Soya milk is a great source of phyto-estrogen ,a compound that helps your body to absorb calcium more efficiently

3.This increase your bone strength

The main constituent of our bone is calcium and is required for maintaining good health of bone too.

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# 5:

Lowers the risk of Prostrate cancer

=>1.High level of male hormone testosterone have been assosisated with the cause of prostate cancer

2. The phyto-estrogen in soya milk prevents the over secretion of testosterone

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the male  primary hormone and is responsible for regulating all the sexual characters in a human male.It plays a major role in building muscles as well.

What is prostrate?

Prostrate is a gland in the human male (walnut-sized) and is situated between the gall bladder and the penis,and the urethra run through it.

# 6:

Protect against Post menopause symtoms

=>1.During menopause the level of oestrogen, a female hormone reduces, in a female hormone

2.This result in a symtoms like the hot flashes

3.Phyto-estrogen in soya milk prevents this symtoms.

soya milk benefits

# 7:

Prevents Diabetes

=>1.Soya milk is fully loaded with fibres which plays a very significant role in controlling the blood glucose level of the body body.

2. This can slow and inhibits the absorption of sugar

3.Moreover,it may be included in a healthy diabetic diet as well

4. The reason behind this is maintaining a balanced amount of glucose in the blood

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease which arise due to the increase in blood sugar level.


Decreases the risk of psychological disorder

=>1.Soya milk is loaded with various micro nutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin B & Magnesium

2.This micro nutrients helps in lowering the risk of  common mental health problems like depression

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Improves immunity

=>1. Protein in soya milk is formulated and then converted into antibodies.

2.This antibodies can help you in strengthening you body immunity.


Restores post workout energy

=>1.Soya milk contains certain enzymes that boast the performance of certains cells after an extreme workout session .

2. Therefore, you can certainly increase the energy lost during your workout.

soya milk benefits


Vegan product

=>1.Soya milk is a drink derived from plant parts.

2.therefore ,it is certainly a good alternative to those who don’t take non-veg


Soya Milk Disadvantages

Disadvantage 1:

Risk of breast Cancer

=>1.Soya milk are certainly  rich in case of estrogen

2.estrogen is a hormone mostly found in the female body and is responsible for maintaining the female characters of a female human being.

3.But ,excess consumption of soya milk can spike the estrogen level in the nutshell of female body which ,may lead to breast cancer (according to a study)

4.Consumption of soya milk at a recommended amount can lower the risk

soya milk benefits

Disadvantage 2:

male infertility

=>1.The fertility of male depends on the sperm count or the sperm mobility as well

2.Like the risk of breast cancer in female , excess consumption of soya milk in male can reduce the  sperm concentration or the factors for getting a female pregnant

3.recomended soya milk  consumption can alter the risk

Disadvantage 3:

insufficient muscle growth

=>1.the comparison  soya milk  in case of post workout is still a part of controversies ,according to various studies as well

2.But ,between soya milk and dairy milk in post workout ,dairy milk cross the winning line .


Commonly asked question related to pros and cons of soya milk

  Q.1.What is soya milk?

Soya milk is a plant-based drink prepared by soaking and grinding soy beans. It is rich in compounds like phyto estrogen, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids as well as nutrients such as magnesium, vitamins D and B that help in curing many serious health issues.

   Q.2.How is soya milk manufactured?

Soya milk  is produced by:

1.     Soaking & grinding soya bean

2.     Filtering out other components

3.     Emulsion of oil, water, protein

4.     Mostly manufacted as that of tofu.

Is       Q.3. soya milk healthy? 

       yes,soya milk is healthy and is a great alternative for those whois lactose intolerant .Although there is lots of pros related  to soya milk. 

          Q.4. What are benefits of soya milk compared to semi skimmed cow milk?

10 +Benefits of soya milk are listed above.

Q.5. Is sofit soya milk and staeta soya milk really vegan?

No doubt, both sofit soya milk as well as staeta soya milk are both  vegan as the main deritvative of soya milk is soya bean which is a plant based product.

Q.6. How do I sell soya milk?

Selling soya milk needs a business mindset and moreover with the help of certain online platforms you can seurely achieve it

Q.7. Are there any benefits for drinking alternative milk ( almond,soya,etc) over  cow milk?

There are lots of benefits of drinking soya milk over cow milk ,and the two most important among them are :

1.vegan product(great alternative to those who are vegetarians)

2.can be great alternative to those who are lactose intolerant

More benefits are listed in details ,please refer to the above text.


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