Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

Common sleep mistakes you should avoid for a healthy life

You're tired after working for a long time, and the only thing you can dream about is to throw yourself in bed  . Not going to happen! Instead,you will surely make some common sleep mistakes as you are trying to find the most comfortable position. Your mind becomes obsessed with endless thoughts, and even if you are depressed, sleep surrounds you! how? The reason can be very simple - your seemingly bed time sleep mistakes!
Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

Lets discuss about the sleep mistakes people do.

List of some Common sleep mistakes-Everyone should avoid

#1  Drinking water just before going to bed
#2  Using bright alarm clock in your room
#3  Eating too much just before going to bed
#4  Exercising late night
#5  Getting busy with gadgets till late night
#6  Continous Nap
#7  using an uncomfortable mattresses
#8  Taking huge stress
#9  Reading books late night
#10  Lacking a proper daily routine
#11   Wrong Sleeping Position
#12   Thinking about work 
#13  Waking up 
#14  Drink coffee at Late night

Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

Explanation of some Common sleep mistakes with cures

Drinking water just before going to bed
Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

Stop for drinking water, then why doctors keep saying, "Drink more water, it will make you healthier" It's true, your body needs to stay hydrated during the day - but one hour before the sack hits it Turn off "watering". Otherwise, you will be obliged to travel to the bathroom to make one, a couple parsley, which will spoil your sleep. Above all, most people can barely sleep after waking up in the middle of the night.

Using bright alarm clock in your room
Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

Bright alarm clockwise gimmick alarm clocks that "shine like diamonds in the sky." To wake you up, an alarm clock needs to be flashed loud, not bright. Alarm clock alarm clock makes your room attractive and decorates, but their light is harmful to your sleep. Your brain needs darkness to reboot completely, so you should opt for regular, simple alarm clocks. 

Eating too much just before going to bed

Eating heavily before sleep is hardly someone who does not know that eating too much before going to bed can worsen the cause. But in fact, it is not only about the size food, but also the time you take them.By eating heavy foods for dinner, you encourage the brain to be more active. This is why, at night, it can lead to a fiery night. In addition, a hearty dinner disrupts your digestive system, leads to weight gain, and causes your stomach problems. On the other hand, just before going to bed it is a bad idea, even if your dinner is light. Your body will still struggle to digest what it has fed. Try not to consume 2-3 hours before moving to bed.. And if you die of hunger, you like to eat fruit.

Exercising late night
Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

 Exercising, Just like drinking water, exercising is a healthy and effective way to maintain your bodyfit! But ... not before going to bed. On the contrary: Any rigorous physical exercise late in the night will negatively affect your sleep. Try to exercise at least 4 hours before going to bed. And if you need to get relief from stress after the work day, choose to take a short walk instead of running on the treadmill, or go for a longer walk.

Getting busy with gadgets till late night
Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

Playing with the gadgets below on your screen before sleeping. Not only do gadgets stimulate your brain, it makes it restless, but their screens also emit that infamous blue light. This light suppresses your body's sleep hormone, melatonin, and alters your internal clock. As a result, your brain does not believe in the time it takes to go to bed - hello, insomnia! To avoid this problem, you can wear special glasses that block blue light, or select a particular night mode on your devices. But the best solution is to power the allhead-held screen one hour before going to bed. 

Continous Napping

Napping is a completely normal and often healthy, routine. But if your naps are regular and last for half an hour, then they can spoil your sleep at night. Statistically, people who like to nap during the day often have disorders such as sleeplessness and insomnia. So, avoid napping in the afternoon unless you really need to go bad. And if you do, don't make it longer than 10 minutes - that's enough time for your body to recharge.

using an uncomfortable mattresses

A good, high-quality mattress is must instead for buying uncomfortable mattresses, you literally invest in your bright (and healthy) future. Well, such mattresses usually cost a fortune. But when, in an attempt to save money, on a sloppy mattress, you do yourself more harm than good. An uncomfortable mattress does not let you get upset, which makes you irritable and angry, and causes all kinds of back and neck.

Taking huge stress
Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

Thousands of people cope with stress and insomnia with the help of the-counter sleep aid using sleep pills. However, there are several reasons why this is not the best idea. First, your body will most likely have a growth tolerance for sleeping medications; And very soon, they will have no effect on you. Secondly, one day later, you will feel tired and allergic, which will not benefit your productivity. And finally, after a sleeping pill, it will be much worse than the quality of your rest if you have fallen back to sleep naturally.

Reading books late night

  I see, it's a shock, isn't it? I hear both regular readers and book addicts that reading is a healthy habit, and all areas of your life benefit from it. I can't argue with it if you don't mean it as a sleeping habit. It turns out that reading stimulates your mind such as watching a movie or playing a mobile game. If the book you are reading is interesting, it is impossible to put it aside. Until you read it at the cost of healthy rest, you will keep reading it. On the other hand, I think everything depends on how entertaining the book is.

Lacking a proper daily routine

Due to not having a sleep routine you can face huge problems.Therefore , it is very important to have a routine when sleeping, and more importantly, adopt it. Keep in mind that you are going to wake up at the same time every day, not just in bed. The sad truth is that when you have an irrespective schedule, it can confuse your internal clock and cause sleep disorders. At first, it can be challenging to bury yourself under the covers to take yourself to sleep. But as long as you stick to your sleep schedule, it will become easier and easier to black out you. 

 Wrong Sleeping Position

 You must be waking up with a sore back, red eyes and a painful neck, because you had not yet received a proper sleeping position! By the way, experts recommend not sleeping on your stomach, as it puts a lot of tax on your neck and back, leading to poor sleep and feeling restless during the day.And the best sleeping position is a small pillow on your back that supports your knees, with a pillow between your knees on your side, and is in a fetal position.

 Thinking about work 

Most people cannot avoid thinking about work-related problems, to-do lists and getting paid before going to sleep. Unfortunately, these thoughts are usually the cause, which impair the quality of sleep. By all means, avoid stress at bedtime by focusing on pleasant thoughts and dealing with work-related concerns earlier in the day.

Waking up 

Cold  in the middle of the night because your feet feel like two blockages instead of human appendages! When this happens to me, I find it extremely difficult to warm my feet and fall asleep again. So, if your feet get cold at night, remember to wear a pair of warm socks before going to bed. Alternatively, you can use a heating pad. Or what I do, stick my feet under my swamp. 

Drink coffee at Late night
Common sleep mistakes you should avoid

 Last not least, do not drink coffee after 7 pm. I agree, it may sound a little obvious, but you will say to yourself that a small cup of espresso won't hurt, and there it goes ... Unfortunately, sleep and coffee never go away by hand. This drink is a powerful stimulant, and willpower does not matter to you. Even if you manage to fall asleep, your sleep will not be as deep and restful as usual. Some experts go on to recommend drinking coffee after lunch! 

Sleep is very important for your body. It helps restore energy, boosts your immune system, prevents depression, and reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease. Lack of proper sleep leads to daytime sleepiness, inability to concentrate, irritation, stress and even high blood pressure! And if you are affected by insomnia, you can become mentally or mentally ill! So, try to avoid doing the mentioned 
common sleep mistakes and lead a healthy life.

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