Common bad habits people have

Common bad habits people have nowadys

Common bad habits people have

Bad habits is the only wall standing between you and success right now and so 
Let's go

6 bad habits people have currently-Bad Habit Exampales

#1 using mobile phones in bed 
#2 complaining
#3 making excuses
#4 being closed minded
#5 bad energy management 
#6 feeling ready and Productive after waking up
Common bad habits people have

Bad habits people have-Explanation & solution

using mobile phones in bed 
Common bad habits people have

 Research has shown by staring at your mobile phone it emits the blue and white light meaning your brain is being prevented from releasing the hormone called melatonin which is responsible for the sleep and wake cycle thus you end up sleeping later and then you wake up a morning your morning routines all out of the place and all of the other habits you try to enforce it just all go out of the place and you just start to feel very very unproductive this one negative habit ripples in to having a terrible terrible workday and so you gotta really ask yourself if you're doing this how can you really set yourself up to win and you may be thinking but there are glasses that prevents this blue and white light from emitting from my digital screen. the reality is even if you do, it's not the best way to go to sleep. now is it by watching videos of cat playing around on the field I don't know what you're watching something entertaining it's not the best way to go to sleep.

solution: you need a routine, an evening routine that makes you feel very rested that makes you reflect upon the day maybe journaling maybe meditating  find something that works for you.

Common bad habits people have

Now 99% of people on this planet they are absolutely amazing at this complaining right? we live in a complaining society, when it's too cold we complain is too cold, when it's too hot we complain is too hot, we are surrounded by people who complain and right now it actually may be yourself right now as well. what happens when you complain? the research has shown it literally kills you. why? because complaining makes you feel more stressed in your mind thus stress kills you and so not only are you killing yourself .you're killing other people as well why because you're telling somebody how bad your life is they end up getting this energy rubbed off from you. thus they start feeling bad. thus they start feeling stress and eventually they die from all of this stress and so you're gotta realize it just ripples it's contagious when one person complains we want to complain. 

solution: Stop complaining altogether it does not help and it's not gonna come easy right because this is a bad habit that you've you may have. I don't know how? may be  developed from your childhood .you got to work on just stop complaining and instead start to be grateful  for the life that you're living today

 making excuses
Common bad habits people have

 whenever I come across opportunities in my life I always remember this quote that I was once told excuses will always be there opportunities won't you see every single day, we've got opportunities that's there in front of us. that's gonna get us to the next level in life but the reason why we never really just managed to get to that next level is because we don't become aware of the fact that there is an opportunity in front of us and at the same time we let the excuse get the better of us you. see excuses will always be there, opportunities weren't. when ever you come across excuses just , I didn't have the money, I don't have the time, realize this is a broke mentality successful people they become sourceful. It's not about having the resources,it is about resource fullness. how can you really find the money? how can you find the time? how can you do ?what it takes to make it happen, 

solution:take proper action.

 being closed minded 
Common bad habits people have

You see a lot of people in this planet, they have got a fixed mindset .Meaning they believe the world is like this and they aren't going to move on this and whenever they learn something new and it's going against their belief system they think,they are done.  I don't believe this is true, they are very close-minded to possibilities .one of the things I want to remind you of ,is this what got you to here in your life isn't going to get you to where you want to be. if right now you're running a business that's doing six figures hundred thousand dollars plus a year if you want to get two million dollars you have to forget everything you know. 
solution:try for new strategies
 what got you to here isn't going to get you to where you want to be. however if you've got a closed mind guess, what you're not gonna be, open to new advice because you'll be thinking but I didn't agree with that .oh but I didn't think of this well if right now you're looking to improve yourself it doesn't matter what you believe, all you don't believe you gotta be just really just modeling somebody who's ahead of you, who's walked your path because the belief system they got right now is a reason why they're getting the results. that they're getting so being close-minded makes you close from becoming more successful and achieving more the life that you truly deserve.

 bad energy management
Common bad habits people have

 I saw a lot of people who ask,  what are the best ways to stay productive.  Efficient energy manager is the only answer to them ,because let me ask you if you were to feel happy and energized all day long. would you get more stuff done? would you be more productive? yes or no 
of course !right and so the question is how can you manage your energy to be on a consistent up not a roller coaster ride which most people out there suffer from which is your up and then your down up and  down and your energy is fluctuating for the day and so you've gotta become an efficient energy manager. 
solution:how by looking after you by look at looking after your health just like if you were to own a super car, you wouldn't put rubbish into your super car now. would you? you will put the best premium fuel. you'll nurture it. you maintain it properly. that's what it's all about. how can you maintain your action taking machine how can you give it the best fuel it requires and also going to the gym getting out of breath going for a walk going for a jog whatever it takes to to really get the heart pumping every single day these are little decisions that over time that you'll notice a huge huge impact in regards to how you'll suffer less of the roller coaster ride that you may be suffering from and so you've gotta become an efficient energy manager.

 those are the five bad habits you must eliminate from your daily routine in order to become more successful

feeling ready and Productive after waking up

you should spend that time, Maintain your physical health with Exercise and a nutritious breakfast.
You should inspire yourself with books Podcasts and other motivational media Making Time for These Healthy Habits Will work wonders for your self-esteem And self-discipline is not mentioned You will feel more energetic than ever. The problem is not most people Time for a healthy morning routine Waking up late makes them lazy or they just
Don't realize how good your morning is
solution:Routine can do for you so manage a well designed  routine.

These are 6 common bad habits people have nowadays,which is the root cause of their unsuccessful career,Try correcting these mistakes for a successful life.

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