Top high calories food for weightgain

Calories are just the unit responsible for counting the amount of nutrition content  of a particular food.eventually high calorie food plays a very sigficant role in gaining weight  or to stop losing further weight as well.
high calories food for weightgain

Here are the list of high calorie food  you may include in your diet and gain weight and complete your fitness goal with this high calorie diet for weight gain.

High calorie food list

high calories food for weightgain
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These are list of high calorie food which you must include in your diet for weight gain.
 food 1#

high calories food for weightgain

*143 calories-100 g
*347 calories-1 cup
*71 calories -1 egg

a. eggs are loaded with nutrients  protein.
b.these protein  present in the egg helps build lean muscle mass 
c. fat soluble vitamins B balance your hormones improved cell function and increased bone density.
d. you can have two whole eggs per day

Food #2.
whole milk
high calories food for weightgain

*60 calories -100 g
*146 calories-1 cup
*9 calories -1 tablespoon

a. Milk is fully loaded with calcium hence can help you get good bone strentg and bone density
b. It can be a part of your good post workout too.

 food #3.
high calories food for weightgain

200 calories-100 g
89 calories-1 cup
25 calories-1 ounce
a.banana are loaded with dietry fibres
b.vitamins are also a constituent of banana
c.consuming 2-3 banana perday will keep your energy level high and stamina at pick.
You can also have your banana with milk

food #4.
 Peanut butter
high calories food for weightgain

588 calories-100g
1518 calories=1 cup
94 caloriew=1 tablespoon
a.peanut butter is loaded with creamy deliciousness and also loaded with all 20 amino acid ,the building block of protein
b.the  healthy fat in peanut butter  has a great  health benefits

 food #5.
 chicken breast
high calories food for weightgain

195 calories=100 g
231 calories =1 cup
a.chicken breast is a good source of lean protein, which help in building strong muscle can also consume chicken breast on content with the saturated fat

 food #6
high calories food for weightgain

160 calorie =100 g
234 calorie=1 cup
156 calorie= half avocado
a.avocado are rich in healthy fat and vitamin.It is also rich in magnesium,potassium and sodium
b. consuming 1 avocardo per day can strengthens your immunity
c. Alternatively ,it will benefit you with skin glow nd rising your body energy level

 food #7.
high calories food for weightgain

607 calories=100 g
813 calories=1 cup
127 calories=1 ounce

a.polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats vitamin E  soluble and insoluble fiber selenium calcium magnesium copper antioxidants and other nutrients this will provide a good number of calories to keep you active.
b. It shall replenish your fats and glycogen stores and improve your general health

 food #8. 
high calories food for weightgain

61 calories per 100 gram
149 calories per 1 cup
17 calories per 1 ounce full fat yogurt
a. yogurt is the best when it comes to weight gain it is loaded with good God's bacteria consume and milk protein that will help improve your immunity and strengthen your bones
b. consume one to two small bowl of yogurt daily

 fruits #9. 
dried fruits
high calories food for weightgain

359 calories per 100 gram
102 calories per 1 ounce
a. dried  foods like nuts dried coconut  or raisins are loaded with calories food sugar proteins and healthy fats.
b. consume a handful of dried foods as a snack or add them to smoothie or breakfast board

food #10. 
dark chocolate
high calories food for weightgain

546 calories per 100 gram 
155 calories for one ounce 
 884 calories for one bar
a. dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants and a good antidepressant
b. you can add that chocolate to your smoothies homemade protein shakes peanut butter sandwiches a a glass of milk or biscuit sandwiches just use these as you want to get a few extra pounds

food #11.
 oily fish
high calories food for weightgain

206 calories per 100 gram 
175 calories- 2 OUNCES
367 calories –HALF FILLET
a. oily fish like salmon tuna herring are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which protects you from heart disease obesity diabetes and inflammation.

 food #12. 
high calories food for weightgain

124 calories per  100 gram 
 174 calories for one cup and
84 calories for half a cup flour

a. whole wheat pasta can also help you gain weight make a delicious protein rich pasta using chicken ,mushroom or soya chunks.
b. you are going to enjoy your pasta while you are gaining weight

food #13. 

116 calories per  400 gram

230 calories for one cup 
 14 calories for one tablespoon

a. lentils beans and peas are moderate in calories but excellent source of plant-based protein
b. this is especially beneficial if you are a vegan or vegetarian legumes  can help you build muscle mass they also help control blood pressure and and cholesterol level and then in breakfast and consume them in salads

food #14.
healthy fats and oil

902 calories-100g
1849 calories-1 cup
117 calories-tablespoon

a. healthy fats and oils like olive oil avocado oil coconut oil soft flour butter rice bran oil and seeds are good for your general well-being the content polyunsaturated fatty acid also known as healthy fats which help reduce inflammation and stress in the body.

b. healthy fats and oil are calorie dense and can be used to enhance the test of any food you consume and them to salad dressings and use them for step frying or grilling

food #15.
sweet potatoes
high calories food for weightgain

180 calories=200g cooked
6.5 g=fiber

a. they are high in calories and fiber plus a number of essential vitamins minerals and antioxidants.
b. a single serving can give you your entire daily needs for vitamin A they also contain vitamin c magnesius potassium and vitamin B C's try this orange root vegetable roasted baked mashed or grilled you are going to enjoy it sweet potato is a very very healthy food.

c. plenty of high-calorie nutrient-dense vegan food can make gaining weight easy and fast .

Incorporating these foods into your meals and snacks can boost your calorie consumption promote weight gain,be sure to combine these foods with other nutritious ingredients like fruits veggies protein and whole grains for a healthy well balanced diet so let's do love some of the foods that you can be adding to your meals to be able to achieve your goals of gaining some weight.

Tips to get more calories and protein

1. prefer taking small meals or snacks  modtly during the day
2. maintain a pre made snack box ready while working in office or working in home and consume small small food thoughout the whole time
3. try to consume high calories in liquid form , in shakes, juices ,smoothies,etc
4. try to add protein powders vailable in the market to increase your calories intake as well as protein intake
5. try to replace milk in case of water in your recipes where ever possible
6. try adding eggs,avocardo more in your part time snacks
7. you can also try adding various type of energy drinks available in the market ,which will give a spike increase in your high calories food inatake goal.
8. Try consulting a dietician for prominent result as well.

List of some high calorie food for weight gain and high protein food

Dairy products
Nuts, seeds
Peanut butter
Soya products
Beans, peas, lentils
Beef, poultry, pork, and other meats(not applicable for veggies)

Fish and other seafood

Snack tips for your breakfast

1. Bread, peanut butter , banana

1 banana+2 slice of brown bread+2 spoon full of peanut butter(400 calories approx)

2. Bread,  eggs
2 slice brown bread+2 whole eggs

3. Oats,milk,banana,dry fruits/nuts
1 cup oats+1 banana+half cup milk+some nuts
1 cup oats+1 banana +half cup milk+some dry fruits(e.g strawberries)

4. Yogurt,granola
1 cup whole milk yogurt+ half cup granola

What are the benefits of eating high calories? gain more strength gain weight (complete your weight gain goal)
3.heal more quickly than before.

Incorporate high calorie food in your diet and acheive your fitness goal.

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