22 skin whitening food to eat

Try scrubbing your skin with a  face wash, or go for a cream. In mostly cases the dullness of your skin will be your partner until and unless you try for a healthy diet full of antioxidant and various skin whitening micro nutrients.

skin whitening food to eat

What is the cause of this dullness?

Pollution, highper pigmentation,stress alL those the responsible for your dullness.

The skin is divided into three layers:

It is the outermost layer of our skin mostly composed of the dead cells.It appears to be a yellowish,brownish,or whitish flaky type depending on the pigmentation of particular individual.

It is the middle layer of our skin ,which is mostly responsible  for the flaky or oily appearance of our epidermis.And providing nutrients to the cell is the function of blood vessels 

3. hyperdermis
The innermost layer of the cell composed with the blood vessel

Nutrients responsible for skin whitening

Vitamin A,Zinc,Vitamin C,Omega 3 fatty acid,Probiotics,Antioxidant, Vitamin B, Molybdenum
The food list rich in those nutrients are the skin whitening food list you must include in your diet to get a fair and glowing skin.

Skin whitening fruits and vegetables list:


a. Carrot is an excellent choice of food for skin whitening.
b. It contains photochemical properties  and carotene make it perfect food for skin whitening as well
c. These chemical susbatances in carrot aid the process of antioxidant and improves the brightness of the skin
d. Carrot is also rich in fibres which offers other health benefits.

Sesame seed

a.Sesame seed is highly rich in zinc ,
b.this zinc acts as an antioxidant as stops free radical damage in the skin to get a glowing skin and helps lowering your complexion


a. Fruits which are rich in Vitamin C helps a great deal in skin whitening as this Vitamin has benefit for the skin to offer.
b. Orange is a great citrus fruit and Vitamin C facilities your cause of brighter and more radiant skin and hence oranges should be your choice.


a.The richness of sardines in the case of skin whitening comes due to Omega 3 fatty acid
b.This omega 3 fatty acid acts on the skin oil gland and reduces puffiness and red skin giving a more decent look to the skin .


a.Yogurt is rich in probiotic which acts as an anti inflammatory agent
b.Allergic reactions ,excess rubbing of skin damages the skin severely ,thus giving rise to dullness
c.to remove this dullness yogurt can be a good source.


a.Kale is rich in various antioxidant  compounds 
b.Add kale to your daily diet  to get a more healthier skin s well.


a. Kiwi is very healthy and laden with some of the best class nutrient.
b. Due to their higher content of Vitamin C ,they are very suited to gain access in the list of the skin whitening food.
c. Kiwi is brilliantly nutrient dense fruit and health a wide range of health benefits beside helping your skin to have a better charm.

Lime water

a.Lime water is the healthiest thing you can ever drink.
b. It is again packed with a very high amount of Vitamin C and hence is a good food source for your skin whitening.
c.Lime water is an excellent choice to give yourself a healthy weight,assist weight loss and to make your skin more radiant and whiter.

Dark chocolate

a. Dark chocolate work brilliantly to improve the texture of the skin
b. It improves the UV resistant properties of the skin as well.
c. The presence of flavanoid in the dark chocolate plays a most vital role in skin whitening.


a. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and also some of the best class antioxidant which has skin whitening effect of the highest order as well.
b. They are also very refreshing and tempting.
c. Strawberries not only have benefit on the skin but also have lots of benefit on the whole  body.


a. With the association of the  Omega 3 acid it also provides biotin to the body.
b. These biotin helps in maintaining healthy and spot free skin.
c. Hence ,Tuna must be a part of your diet to give your skin a extraordinary look.
d. According to dermatologist , the most skin benefits comes from these fishes only.


a. Papaya has some antioxidant that work superbly to improve the complexion.
b. It  is a very skin friendly food which offer health benefit not only to the skin but also supplies certain vitamins to the body and helps in proper functioning


a. Almonds are very rich in Vitamin E  and they help in maintaining healthy skin.
b. Vitamin E is responsible for fair and blemish free appearance of our skin as well

Chia Seed

a. The content of the Chia seed which make it stay in the list of skin whitening food is omega 3 fatty acid.
b. It is responsible for maintaining  skin complexion and giving a healthy look to the skin.


a.Based on a research it is found that tea lowers  peroxide
b.it  reduces skin burn and roughness
c. Tea is also rich in polyphenol, a strong antioxidant to protect skin cell from damage.


a.The most benefit of tomatoes is to protect from sun burn, a major factor responsible for skin complexion
b.it also reduces acne and oil on the skin 


a. The richness of milk is essential fats,Vitamin A, Vitamin D and calcium.
b. These nutrients helps in naturally buildingskin with the skin whitening effects.
c. So,You must add a glass of mlk to your diet daily.


a. Soya bean is rich in anti-ageing due to phyto-estrogen that fights skin ageing
b. so,tofu and soya milk can be a good source of skin whitening food as they are soya bean products.


a.Cucumber keeps your skin hydrated due it is fully watered and thus giving your skin a skin whitening effect.


a.Eggs can be a part of the list because of the amino acid and the antioxidant like lutein and zeaxanthin can protect your skin from harmful UV rays
b.Thus giving a benefit to your skin whitening goal


a.Garlic is a natural antibiotic that cleans your skin from the impurities than get clogged in your skin 
b.they helps in giving a young look to your skin due to its anti ageing properties and thus help to gain a glowing skin.


a.Beetrot contains potassium.iron.magnesium, phosphorus, fibres ,Vitamin A,Vitamin B and Vitamin C  which does a great role in removing toxins from your skin and lowering your complexion giving you a awesome skin whitening effect. 

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